12910131 12910131 https://dgduupz79pcvd.cloudfront.net/productimages/cts/12910131.jpg Comp Brother TZe-131 Tape Cassette Tapes Alpa-Cartridge 2 Stock Available

Comp Brother TZe-131 Tape Cassette


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    2 Stock Available
    • Colour - Black on Clear
    • Tape Size - 8m x 12mm


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Product Details
Code 12910131
Unit Individual Items
Brand Alpa-Cartridge
Double Sided No
Finish/Colour Black on Clear
Length 8m
Type Label Tapes
Width 12mm
Compatible Printers
PT 1000 (Compatible) PT 1000BM (Compatible) PT 1010R (Compatible) PT 1100 (Compatible) PT 1100SBVP (Compatible) PT 1100ST (Compatible) PT 1170 (Compatible) PT 1180 (Compatible) PT 1230PC (Compatible) PT 1280 (Compatible) PT 1280VP (Compatible) PT 1300 (Compatible) PT 1400 (Compatible) PT 1650 (Compatible) PT 1830C (Compatible) PT 1830SC (Compatible) PT 1830VP (Compatible) PT 1900 (Compatible) PT 1960 (Compatible) PT 2400 (Compatible) PT 2610 (Compatible) PT 2700 (Compatible) PT 2730 (Compatible) PT 310B (Compatible) PT 320 (Compatible) PT 530 (Compatible) PT 540 (Compatible) PT 6100 (Compatible) PT 9500PC (Compatible) PT 9700PC (Compatible) ST 1150DX (Compatible) GL 100 (Compatible) PT 1010B (Compatible) PT 1090BK (Compatible) PT 1160 (Compatible) PT 1200 (Compatible) PT 1280SP (Compatible) PT 128AF (Compatible) PT 1290RS (Compatible) PT 1700 (Compatible) PT 1750 (Compatible) PT 1810 (Compatible) PT 1880C (Compatible) PT 1880SC (Compatible) PT 18R (Compatible) PT 200 (Compatible) PT 2030AD (Compatible) PT 2030VP (Compatible) PT 2100 (Compatible) PT 2110 (Compatible) PT 2210 (Compatible) PT 2500PC (Compatible) PT 310 (Compatible) PT 340 (Compatible) PT 3600 (Compatible) PT 520 (Compatible) PT 550 (Compatible) PT 7600 (Compatible) PT 9800PCN (Compatible) ST 5 (Compatible) PT 1010 (Compatible) PT 1010NB (Compatible) PT 1120 (Compatible) PT 1280SR (Compatible) PT 1290 (Compatible) PT 1500PC (Compatible) PT 1880 (Compatible) PT 1880W (Compatible) PT 2600 (Compatible) PT 2710 (Compatible) PT 2730VP (Compatible) PT 580C (Compatible) PT 9200DX (Compatible) PT 9200PC (Compatible) PT 9400 (Compatible) PT1100SB (Compatible) PT 1010S (Compatible) PT 1090 (Compatible) PT 1190 (Compatible) PT 11Q (Compatible) PT 1600 (Compatible) PT 1760 (Compatible) PT 1800 (Compatible) PT 1830 (Compatible) PT 1950 (Compatible) PT 2030 (Compatible) PT 2200 (Compatible) PT 2300 (Compatible) PT 2310 (Compatible) PT 2410 (Compatible) PT 2430PC (Compatible) PT 300 (Compatible) PT 300B (Compatible) PT 330 (Compatible) PT 350 (Compatible) PT 7100 (Compatible) PT 7500 (Compatible) ST 1150 (Compatible)
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